Our branch of the Mulvihill Clan was centered in the Shanid Barony of County Limerick at least as far back as the early 1800’s. The records of a small Civil Parish near the County Kerry border named Kilfergus reveal the earliest direct evidence of the family’s presence. The Parish, and the corresponding Catholic Parish, later came to be known as Glin, after the townland located at it’s center. Glin is located on the banks of the River Shannon, and the Parish is composed of about 30 smaller surrounding townlands. The earliest Church records available for the Parish begin in 1851 and include only baptisms and marriages. The primary record is in the hands of the Parish Priest, although a microfilmed copy is available at the National Archives in Dublin (it has not been copied by the LDS). Beginning in 1864 record keeping for births, marriages, and deaths was mandated by the central government, and microfilmed copies are widely available.


Other primary record sources for the period are as follows:


The Tithe Applottment records of 1823-30 mention only two Mulvihills in the area – one in Kilfergus and one in Loughill. There were five others noted elsewhere within Shanid Barony. The Tithe records, which were compiled to exact support for the Church of Ireland, only include the largest landowners, however, and there were many exceptions and exemptions.


The Griffith’s Valuation survey of 1852 covering Kilfergus (Glin) Parish enumerates five separate Mulvihill households – those of Honoria (Ballygiltenan Lower), Patrick (Ballygiltenan Upper), Martin (Killacolla), John (Tooraree Lower), and Johanna (Tooraree Upper). Based on mean family size and the propensity for young marrieds to remain for some time in the parental home, it is estimated that the Mulvihill population at this point was in the area of 40-60. By 1858 two additional Mulvihills appear – Edmond as an owner in Glin, and Timothy leasing in Ballygiltenan. There was a Thomas Mulvihill in neighboring Loughill, which was a part of the Kilfergus parish until 1855. The Griffith’s records are more inclusive than the Tithe, recording tenants as well as owners, but giving no information about other members of a household.


Local school records (Glin National School) show a number of Mulvihill children attending in the period 1846-6926. As the record reveals, attendance was  a marginal and sporadic affair, and reflects the hardships that engulfed the country at this time.


An improvised “survey” for the year 1863 was constructed by analyzing the civil and church records for Glin Parish in the years 1851-1890, and reconstructing the Mulvihill population on the basis of birth, marriage, and death records. The results (tabulated here) indicate a population of 80-100 Mulvihills.


By the time of the 1901 Census only a single family of eight was enumerated in Glin (and the husband, Patrick, was listed as having been born in County Kerry!)25, and a Michael and wife (?) in Ballygiltenan27.


The earliest record of our direct Mulvihill ancestors in Ireland is a Christening entry in the Kilfergus (Glin)1, Limerick Church register. It is for Michael (II) Mulvihill, dated 2 Aug 18545, and lists the parents as Michael (I) and Johanna (McMahon) Mulvihill. They were apparently not married in Glin, suggesting that Johanna was not from the immediate area. Michael (I) was listed as a Farmer in Ballygiltenan.


The marriage of Michael (I) was not his first. His first wife was Johanna’s sister Catherine. They were married in about 1850. Michael and Catherine had two children (in Glin) – Mary (1850) and Ellen (1852). Catherine may have died in childbirth with Ellen, or shortly thereafter. Their child, Mary later married John Nolan of Newtownsandes, Co. Kerry, on 31 Jan 1874 in Glin Chapel. There is some evidence that Ellen died young.


Michael (I) and Johanna had at least seven additional children after Michael (II). They were (all in Glin):


Patrick (8 Jun 1856)5; Godparents Patrick Walsh and Marie King; married Ellen Hunt of Kinard 22 Apr 187930 in Glin Chapel.

Margaret (20 Feb 1858)5; Godparents John Stackpool and Mary Nolan; married Patrick Dillane of Killeany 29 Jul 187531 in Glin Chapel.

Johanna (31 Dec 1859)5; Godparents Patrick McEnemy and Mary Hanrahan; died young (1865).

Ellen (24 Aug 1861)5; Godparents Daniel and Mary Hanrahan;

Bridget “Delia” (4 Nov 1863)5; Godparents Michael and Mary Mulvihill!; Immigrated to US 1885-6; married John Guerin abt 1885.

Catherine “Kate” (18 Nov 1865)28; Godparents Michael Hanrahan and Margaret McEnemy; Immigrated to US 1885-6; married Jeremiah Neville

Honora “Nora” (23 Jun 1868)29; Immigrated to US abt 1888; married John Neville


See the respective hyperlinks for the continuation of the above families. The families of Bridget, Catherine, and Honora have been tracked within the US by Census up to 1930, confirming the recollections of some current family members.32


We do not know exactly where Michael and Johanna were living when young Michael was born, but the Baptismal record states Ballygiltenan. It appears likely then, that either Honoria or Patrick are Michael’s direct relations, or that they recently moved into the area. The only McMahon listed in Griffith’s for Ballygiltenan is Thomas. These possible links remain under investigation.


Our Michael met Bridget Daxon in Glin. Bridget was Christened there (Kilfergus Chuch) 3 Jul 18526. Her parents, John and Ellen (Cregan) Daxon were from Kinard (~4 mi. South of Glin), according to the Baptismal record. Family history suggests that Bridget had an Aunt in England. Daxon is certainly an English, rather than Irish, name. The only Daxons of note in Ireland at this time are living in County Clare, and probably are descended from George Daxon – an English army surveyor dispatched there in the late 1600’s7. This connection has not yet been supported. There are no Daxons reported living in Kinard, or the rest of Kilfergus Parish. There are also no Cregans in Kinard at this point in time, although, by 1858 the Valuation books show a Denis Cregan.



Michael and Bridget went to England to marry. They were wed 4 Dec 1877 at St. Ann’s in Blackburn, Lancashire14. Thomas and Ann Gaskell2 were witnesses. The Gaskells’ family connection, if any, remains undefined, but it is possible that Ann is the aunt mentioned in family lore.


At present it is assumed that they remained in England until at least late1880. The birth records for their first two children, Mary (b. 27 Aug 1878) and Ellen (Helena) (b. 24 Mar 1880), have been found in Preston, Lancashire33. That data supports the Ellis Island Immigration record8, which shows that Mary is the eldest child – although all of the family’s birth dates have been misstated on that record for whatever reason. Helen’s birth date differs from that reported by her descendents – 24 Mar 187822.



Returning to Ireland in about 1881, Valuation Office records show that Michael and Bridget leased a shop at #28 S. Main St. in Ballyguiltanan from the Knight of Glin9. His children’s birth records and his death record list his occupation as a grocer. Although predominately a grocery, it is speculated that it also contained a pub, which would greatly increase the otherwise marginal returns. They almost certainly lived above the shop.

The buildings on S. Main St. remain, and are as much as 400 years old. They have been refurbished many times, as demonstrated by the present tenant/owner (speaking to my wife, Josephine, below) of Michael and Bridget’s original shop.





In 1883, presumably due to a need for more space (a successful business?), they moved diagonally across the street, to the corner of S. Main and Church St. The new building, #41, was leased from ___________10.


Later, another Michael Mulvihill, of Killeany, would occupy the adjoining #27, beginning in 1901.


Yet another Mulvihill was involved with property on S. Main St. in this period. Edmund (of Killacolla) owned the building at #15/16.





This property was vacated in 1887 - following the death of Michael on 16 May 1886.




Their son Michael John (III) was born 1 Aug 188213, and was Christened in Glin Chapel.


Michael (II) died 16 May 188611 at the early age of 32. His death record lists Heart Disease, for which he was being treated during the past year. The death record also indicates that Bridget was illiterate at that time. A survey of the old Kilfergus and newer Glin Graveyards12 failed to discover a specific headstone. There are a number of Mulvihill plots in the older cemetery, but the extant dates suggest a high level of reburials over the course of more than two centuries.





Bridget gave up the store at #41 S. Main St. in 188715. It is not known where she and the children lived over the next few years, but young Michael’s recollections were of Bridgetown in County Clare. Thus far, we have no supporting evidence. Bridgetown is a small village, currently comprising several farms, and a cluster of small homes at a crossroad. The homes are quite old, but most are in excellent repair (photo at left shows one under repair). It’s located on a hill overlooking the Shannon and the town of O’Briensbridge. The bridge (at right), and the surrounding area, are very picturesque.


On 8 Feb 1890 Bridget Daxon Mulvihill married Patrick Cregan (Creegan)16. Witnesses were Margaret Moloney and John Barrett. There is substantial evidence for Patrick (and his father Patrick) in the Glin property records dating back to the 1850’s. Patrick also listed his occupation as Shopkeeper, and the property at #21b S. Main St. was likely his store. Valuation Office (Dublin) records further indicate that Patrick Cregan (of Killacolla Barker) vacated his property at #13 in 1890. Patrick also owned property at #1a on S. Main St. These properties remained in his name until sales in 1901. Patrick died in 1899, so the estate sale may have been conducted by his brothers (Denis was in the US).


Patrick and Bridget reoccupied the #41 property in 189123 and presumably ran a grocery/pub from that location.


Their first child, John, was born in 189117, followed by Bridget in 1892.



Property records at the Valuation Office in Dublin also reveal that a number of cousins also lived in Ballyguiltanane, Kinard, Tullyglass, Killeanymore (Killeany), Killacolla, and Glin in the same time period. The Molonys (Maloneys), Reidys, Cregans, Conways and Barrys are all there – many living on the same street!


There’s even a Meade – the elusive married name of Mary Mulvihill. Although they married in the US – in NYC on 7 May 1899, they may have met in Glin as children.



Below is the house of Patrick Cregan Sr. (#21b)(yellow-left) (father of Bridget’s eventual husband) circa 1875-1885. The Cregans lived elsewhere in town in earlier periods. The view is looking East on S. Main Street.






In the following view, looking North down S. Main Street towards the Shannon River, house #21a  is in the foreground right, followed by Patrick Cregan Sr.’s #21b, then the two houses of James Molony #21c and 21d. Molony was the owner of #21c. Michael Mulvihill’s shop was 7 doors down the street.





Other addresses of note for the 1870-1885 period:


Thomas Barry               Lot 13                  Kinard                           10 ac.

Denis Cregan                Lot 14                  Kinard                           1.3 ac

Denis Cregan                Lot 15                  Kinard                           5.3 ac.

John Reidy          4 Mary St.  Killacolla

John Moloney               1 Main St.  Killacolla Barker

James Moloney   32 S. Main St.     Killacolla Barker

Jer. Mulvihill                14 S. Main St. Ballyguiltenane N.  OWNER3

Patk. Meade                  11 Chapel St.      Ballyguiltenane N.

James Conway    12 Chapel St.      Ballyguiltenane N.       xfered. From Maurice Conway 1881

Daniel Mulvehill 1a Chapel St.       Ballyguiltenane N.

John Meade                   3 Chapel St.         Ballyguiltenane N.

Mary Cregan                 38b Main St.       Ballyguiltenane N.

Denis Cregan                7 Main St.  Ballyguiltenane Lower

Denis Cregan                12 Main St.         Ballyguiltenane Lower

John Barry           Lot 10b      Ballydonohoe


In 1883 the Mulvihill’s #28 property reverted back to Roger Kelly, but #27 was picked up by Thomas Cregan.

In 1889 the #5 Old Mall property of Michael Barry went vacant.

In 1882 the #6 New Mall property of Thomas Cregan was struck from the record.

In 1883 the #11 Chapel St. property of Patk. Meade went to Mary Meade, then in 1888 to Bridget and Mary Meade.

In 1886 the #3 Chapel St. property of John Meade was vacated.

In 1887 John Barry’s Ballydonohoe property went to Bridget Barry.

In 1890 Patrick Cregan’s4  #13 Mill St., Killacolla Barker, was vacated.


After about 1890, property turnover increased markedly. Following is the distribution of familiar names in the area in that period:


Patrick Reidy                Lot 8          Tullyglass            11 ac.

Wm. Barry           Lot 11a      Kinnard               24 ac.

Denis Cregan                Lot 15                  Kinnard               5 ac.

Thomas Barry               Lot 13                  Kinnard               10 ac.

Denis Cregan                Lot 3a                  Kinnard               ?

Michael Mulvihill        Lot 27                  Killeany               **xfer 1901

Patrick Reidy                #9               Killacolla

James Moloney   #2 Creagh St.      Killacolla            OWNER

Edmund Mulvihill        #15 Main St.       Killacolla            OWNER

Jas. F. Moloney   #1 Main St.         Killacolla            xfered. From John Moloney 1901

Jim Barry             #28 ½ Main


In 1920 the Jas. F. Moloney property is xfered. to Margaret Moloney.

In 1926 Edmund Mulvihill sells the #16 Main St. property.



The earliest property book records details properties owned or occupied as of 1858. No Michael Mulvihill was found. Thus, the earliest “related” properties are:


Denis Cregan                Lot 10b      Tullyglass

Denis Cregan                Lot 15                  Kinnard

Richard Barry               Lot 13                  Kinnard

Wm. Reidy          Lot 9a                  Killeanymore

Edmond Mulvihill        #15 Main St.       Glin  (OWNER)

John Moloney               #1 S. Main St.     Glin

James Moloney   #32 S. Main St.Killacolla

Thomas Cregan   #6 New Mall       Ballyguiltenan

John Mulvihill              #15 New Mall     Ballyguiltenan

Timothy Mulvihill        #2 Old Mall        Ballyguiltenan

Michael Barry               #6 Old Mall        Ballyguiltenan

John Moloney               #13 Old Mall      Ballyguiltenan

John Moloney               #12             Ballyguiltenan              with Thos. Cregan

Honoria Mulvihill        #6 & 8b     Ballyguiltenan Lower

Patrick Cregan              Lot 12a      Ballyguiltenan Lower            41 ac.

John Cregan                  Lot 7a                  Ballyguiltenan Lower            23 ac.





Patrick, Bridget, and their extended family (Mary, Helen, and Michael Mulvihill, and Bridget and John Cregan) emigrated to the US, via Liverpool, on 10 April 189318. The crossing was accomplished on the SS Umbria.8


The Umbria, 7718 gross tons, made her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York in 1884. Built for the Cunard Line in Glasgow, she was 502 feet in length, and boasted two funnels as well as three masts for sail. She was one of the last steam powered sailing ships. The Umbria held 1350 passengers in the 1890’s. In 1887 she set the transatlantic speed record – six days, four hours, and forty two minutes. She was sold for scrap in 1910.






They may have lived for a short time in NYC, but by late 1894 were located at 185 Bay St., Jersey City.  A son, William was born in June of that year, but died 19 November. The family returned to NYC in 1896, living at 167 Perry St., near Bleeker19.


Bridget became pregnant again in 1896, but died19 4 Jan 1897 of placental praevia (hemorrhage) and complications of that condition in childbirth or just before. The child also died. They were interred 6 Jan 1897 in the same plot as her son William in Holy Name Cemetery20 in Jersey City, NJ.


Patrick died 1 April 190020,21 at the age of 29. Although he died in NYC, he and the children may have been living with his brother Denis (1868-1943)20 in Jersey City (or NYC – he may have owned houses in both places; also may have had a niece Katherine, also from NY22). Denis is buried in the same grave plot, as is their son John (1891-1943)20. Denis probably emigrated earlier. An Ellis Island record18 of 4 Jun 1892 lists a Denis Cregan of Glin arriving on the SS City of Berlin (age 24). Denis is remembered as a disagreeable, disheveled old man. John probably never married, and lived with his uncle in what is remembered as a very dirty and crumbling house on Bostwick Ave. in Jersey City22. Denis married Annie ??? in 1896, and they adopted nephew John sometime before 1910. Census records thru 1910 (at Sip ave., JC) indicate that Dennis and Annie had no children of their own. Denis is listed as a laborer for the trolley company.Daughter Bridget and niece Kathleen are as yet unaccounted for. While Denis died in 1943, Annie is not recorded in the same plot (?).


Little is known of the early life of the children – location of school records may help.








Mary Mulvihill was reported in family records to have married a Mead (or Meade). New York City records reveal a marriage to Peter Meade on May 7, 1899 (Certificate #7297). The Meades were neighbors in Glin. Unfortunately, they both died young – and childless. Peter died in 1910 in Jersey City, NJ. Mary followed the next year.


Helen Mulvihill married 17 Jan 1902 to Robert Howard Hall (aka William Joseph Taverner)(1865-1948) at St. Charles Boromeo Church in NYC. They had 5 children. Helen died in 1956 in Jersey City, NJ. Helen’s granddaughter, Elaine Hall Reilly has supplied most of the subsequent genealogy for this branch of the family22.


Michael John Mulvihill married 1 Feb 1902 to Anna Maloney (Molony) (1869-1940). They had four children. Anna also had two children from a prior marriage to Patrick McGetrick (1865-1899), and Patrick had two children from his prior marriage. Anna was born in Glin24, the daughter of James and Margaret (Reidy) Moloney – neighbors in Glin.





1 The early Kilfergus church was replaced by the existing Glin chapel in 1855.

2 See  for Lancaster and Cheshire

3 Denotes actual ownership. Most properties were leased at this time from large landowners.

4 Probable husband of Bridget Daxon Mulvihill.

5 From Parish register, meeting with Fr. Madigan (8/02)

6 From Parish register, meeting with Fr. Madigan (8/02)

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