Helen Gertrude Mulvihill married James Edwin Gentles in St. Michaelís Monastery, West Hoboken, NJ on 1 June, 1926.


James Gentles was born on 7 September 1901 in New York City (?) to parents Archibald and Clara (Huber). Archibald and Clara were married 25 August 1891 in Paterson, NJ. James was the second youngest of six children. The others were Agnes (b. 31 January 1892), Frank (b. 8 August 1896 in NYC), Robert (died as a child), William (b. 10 March 1899), and Walter (b. 22 May 1905).


Clara Huber (pictured at right) was born 9 October 1865 in Pennsylvania to Gottlieb and Ivania (Worle) Huber. Gottlieb and Ivania were born in the 1840ís in Germany and may have lived in Buffalo, NY before settling in PA. They probably immigrated shortly after they were married in the early 1860ís. Clara had a sister Rose who married a man named Grube. Rose died 13 March 1956.


Archibald Jr. (picture at left) probably immigrated to the U.S. in the 1880ís, worked as a carpenter, and died 13 April 1918 at the age of 66. Clara passed away 9 August 1950 at the age of 85.


Other than James, only Frank and William married. Frank was divorced, lived in California, and we have no record of his wifeís name or the names of any children. Frank died 16 November 1969 in San Francisco. William married Esther (???) about 1920 in NJ. They had at least one child, Dorothy, born about 1925 and married to a Saul Shear in California. We have no record of any children from this marriage.


Archibald (Jr.) was born 30 January 1852 in Glasgow, Scotland to Archibald and Agnes (Galloway). Archibald and Agnes were married 14 July 1848 in Barony, Lanark, Scotland, and lived at 210 Holm St. in Glasgow. Archibald Jr. was the eldest of four, the others being Hugh (b. 29 September 1853), Jane (b. 12 November 1855), and Adam (b. 19 July 1859). It is not known whether any of the siblings married, nor do we have the dates or places of their deaths as yet. Archibald Sr. died on 28 March 1867 in Glasgow.


Archibald Sr. was born about 1822 to Adam and Jane (Graham) Gentles. Adam and Jane were married 5 June 1812 in Cumbernauld, Dunbarton, Scotland. Adam was born about 1790, and Jane about 1795. Adam was a farmer. We have, as yet, no information on other siblings.


Helen and James Gentles lived in East Rutherford, NJ, and had five children Ė James Edwin Jr., Helen, Marie, Mildred, and Harold.

James died 4 February 1968.

Helen died 17 March 1988 in Carlstadt, NJ.















Photos courtesy of Harold Gentles.
























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