The McGetricks of Ireland are a fairly rare breed. The name is derived from a Norse personal name, Sitric, meaning victory. Since the Norse (Viking) incursion into Ireland dates between 790-900, and surnames did not come into common usage until the 11th century, we can assume that this “clan” was of relatively recent stock, resulting from the intermarriage of early Viking raiders with the indigenous Celts. The name is very strongly associated with the area contained within the current County Sligo. A variant of the name, McKittrick, also based upon Sitric, has a broader distribution in the north of Ireland, and is likely not of the same genetic stock. The name was originally rendered as Mag Shitric in Gaelic. Related later variants of the name McGetrick are  McGethric and McGettrick.


In the Griffith’s Valuation Survey of 1852 there were 39 McGetrick households enumerated, almost all in County Sligo.


Patrick McGetrick was born on St. Patrick’s Day, 17 March 1865 to parents James and Kate (???) McGetrick of County Sligo. He was married to UNKNOWN about 1884, probably in Ireland. They had two children: James Francis (b. abt. 1885), and Mamie (b. abt. 1888).


Patrick and his wife emigrated to Boston, MA about 1885-90 and moved to the New York area about 1891 after the death of his wife. There he met and married Anna Maloney (below left) in about 1892. The marriage certificate has not yet been located. Anna was born 19 June 1869 in Glin, County Limerick, to James and Margaret (Reidy) Maloney (aka Molony). The couple adopted the ‘double t” spelling of McGettrick.


Patrick and Anna had four children, Margaret Catherine (Maud) born 18 March 1893 in NJ, Vincent born and died 1895, Thomas born and died 1896, and Francis J. born 4 February 1899 in NYC.


Patrick was a mason, and the family lived at 453 Pavonia Ave. in Jersey City, NJ during the early years, but moved to 588 Clinton Ave., West Hoboken before his tragic death from consumption (tuberculosis) on 27 October 1899 at the age of 34. He died before the birth of his son Francis.


Anna struggled to make ends meet with the four living children after the death of her husband by working as a servant and washerwoman. On 1 February 1902, she married Michael John Mulvihill. The couple had four additional children: AnnaMae (b. 7 September 1902), Helen Gertrude (b. 24 May 1904), Irene Roseline ( b. 27 September 1906), and Lester Michael (b. 4 June 1911). Anna died 24 September 1940.





Neglecting the details of the Mulvihill branch, which is dealt with in detail elsewhere, the extended McGetrick family descendents are as follows:


James Francis McGettrick (right) married Florence Shields in about 1913, probably in NYC. James was a cigar salesman who purveyed his wares from a horse and buggy. They lived initially at 75 Zabriski St, JC, and later moved to 274 Webster St. in the same city. James died young, about 1922. They had two sons, Robert born 20 October 1914, and Francis born May 1920. Francis died the following month. Robert may have lived in FL in later years and died 1983. Florence may have remarried after James’ death.


Mamie married John (Joe) Conway (left) about 1910, probably in NY. They had at least four children, Mary Frances (Dolly), Buster, Joseph Jr., and ?




Mary Frances never married and lived in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. We have no information as yet on the other Conway children.








Francis J. (Frank) married Louise Kurkel, probably in 1920 in NY. Louise was born in 1900 to parents Michael and ???. Frank served in WWI, pressuring his mother to alter his birth certificate so he could enlist at age 17. He saw action in France, as depicted in this period photo, below left.

The photo depicts a light machine gun squad (equipped with a French Chauchat 8 mm. MG). Frank is right background.


After the war, Frank and Louise lived at 139 Paterson Plank Road, West Hoboken, NJ, and Frank operated a Mechanical Dentistry shop, making false teeth, bridges, and other dental appliances.


They had five children, Francis, Edwin Patrick, George, Louise, and Constance.


Frank died 22 October 1951. Louise passed away 20 April 1966.












Maud married Ben Diamond 5 September 1923 in West Hoboken, NJ. Ben was born 15 April 1893 to Catherine Diamond. He was a Depot Master.

Maud and Ben had two girls, Ruth and Edna. Ruth married Andy Travelise, and Edna married Jack Smith.

Ben died 14 February 1960, and Maude passed away 28 February 1986 at the age of 92.





Photos courtesy of Ruth Diamond Trevelise.











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