Our Grandfather, Michael John Mulvihill, Jr., was born Aug.1, 1882, in Glin, Co. Limerick, Ireland. He came to the U.S. in 1893.


Michael married Anna Maloney Feb.1, 1902 in West Hoboken, NJ. Anna and he had been neighbors in Glin. Anna was born Jun. 19, 1869 in Glin to parents James and Margaret (Reidy) Moloney. She was married previously to Patrick McGettrick, who died in 1899.


She and Patrick had four children, only two of whom survived. They were Margaret Catherine (Maud) (at rear center in picture), born Apr. 15, 1893, and Francis J., born Feb. 4, 1899 (away in the Army). The picture was taken in about 1917. For more on the McGettricks, go here.


Michael and Anna lived at 139 Paterson Plank Rd. in West Hoboken (later called Union City) with the McGettrick children, and had four of their own:


Anna Mae, born Sep. 7, 1902 (at lower right); married John VanderLeeuw.


Helen Gertrude, born May 24, 1904 (at lower left); married James Gentles.


Irene Roseline, born Sep. 27, 1906 (second from lower left); married John Johnson.


Lester Michael, born Jun. 4, 1911 (third from lower left); married Vera Cole.


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