A Gas-Fired Grille with individually controlled multiple burners*.

Steaks, Roasts, or London Broils at least 1” thick, and weighing at least 1 ˝ lb., but preferably larger.

Various seasonings or rubs, as desired, such as garlic, Montreal Seasoning, etc.

A Meat Thermometer (Brookstone’s GrillAlert Remote Sensor is an excellent choice)

An Oven Thermometer.

3-6 Firebrick




The object is to use the Grille as a combination Roasting Oven and Searing platform to obtain the evenly cooked cross-section that professional chefs achieve for steaks and roasts by pan searing and oven roasting. Most grilles retain their heat poorly and thus do not function well as an oven. The following procedure attempts to overcome that difficulty. A Grille with multiple burner controls is ideal.


Remove the Steak or Roast from the refrigerator, and allow to come to room temperature (about 1-3 hours, depending upon weight).

Start the Grille and clean the cooking surface. Place 3-6 Firebricks around the periphery of the Grille surface, away from direct flame.

Allow the Grille to preheat on HIGH (top closed) for at least 15-20 minutes to achieve an internal temperature of at least 350° F., and preferably over 400° F. (use an Oven Thermometer hanging on the inside of the Grille cover, installed with the probe thru a hole in the cover, or on the Grille surface away from any direct flame).

Insert the Thermometer Probe in the meat at an acute angle, being careful to wind up with the probe end in the approximate center of the thickness.

Using a quick motion, open the top of the grille and place the meat directly over a central burner, and close the top.

After about 3 minutes, reduce the setting of the burner head directly under the meat to LOW, while maintaining the others on HIGH.

Monitor the internal meat temperature, and remove the meat from the grill to cool once the indicated Initial Temperature has been reached for a desired level of Doneness(see chart below).

Allow the cooked meat to “rest” at room temperature for at least 15 minutes. Cooking will continue during this period! Do not begin slicing until after at least 15 minutes.




Desired Doneness       Initial Temperature1     Final Temperature2      Time3


RARE                                              105°                                        120°                            ~10 mins.

MEDIUM RARE                           115°                                        130°                            ~12 mins.

MEDIUM                                       125°                                        140°                            ~15 mins.

WELL DONE                                 140°                                        155°                            ~18 mins.



1Initial Temperature refers to the temperature reached in the Grille. 2The Final Temperature refers to the temperature reached after standing for 15 minutes at room temperature after the meat has been removed from the Grille. Items larger or smaller than 2 lbs. will show a correspondingly higher or lower Final Temperature. 3Time refers to the approximate cooking time observed for a room temperature 2 lb. Roast to reach the Initial Temperature. The Time will vary with the size of the roast, approximating 6 mins/lb for Medium Rare.





*Similar results may be obtained using a charcoal-fired grille by removing hot coals from a central section of the bed, over which the meat is placed.











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